Consulting and software development

We sync with your business through our deep industry expertise, exceptionally talented engineers and leading-edge cost effective solutions.

Thinking Ahead

Our Approach

While working with nexttech you will receive the full attention of our talented engineers. We work with our clients to overcome a particular business challenge in a way that satisfies their need for speed, cost effectiveness and high quality.

The team assigned to your project can work with you at your offices or use tools like Jira, Slack, Skype to collaborate remotely. To learn more about our services follow the link below.

Staff augmentation

We assign dedicated teams composed of different profiles according to each customers needs, to each of your projects. Teams can be mixed with client's resources.

Offshore/Onshore development

Nexttech has proven experience in providing a wide range of offshore services, from initial project estimation to various IT development tasks. We are very knowledgeable in the latest technologies and capable of implementing them to deliver you the perfect results. Well-executed IT development projects can propel your business to the top of your industry. For the customers with onsite consulting needs we provide a wide range of onshore services.


Shrink-wrapped systems can be a good answer for small to medium-sized companies and for departmental applications. However, as business processes become more intricate, a tailored software strategy usually provides better results in terms of increased productivity, lower costs and smoother implementation.

Our team has extensive industry expertise in helping clients to cut software developments costs and expand their potential to match their business opportunities.

services - consulting

We bring expertiese in managing big IT projects, defining and designing software and system architecture as well as business expertise for banking and trading.

services - software dev
Software Development

From Web-Development to Mobile to Integration, we offer a broad range of software development services and support you from Proof-Of-Concept to maintenance phase depending on your needs.

services - qa testing
Quality Assurance

Our QA department has expertise in testing a wide-range of software, web and mobile applications. We offer a diversified package of services on different levels of complexity to provide you with high quality software testing outsourcing and with tangible results.

Fast and efficient

We Are Agile

We understand that requirements usually change during the lifetime of a project and customers need to see fast results, that is why we develop in Agile methodology.

Our team will provide UAT ready releases every 2-3 weeks where customers can gather feedback and do the necessary adaptations based on end user testing.


Work of the developers is tracked on a daily basis through Jira or other project management tools. In each daily the Product Owner is able to see the progress of the tasks and the workload of the team.


Deliveries are predictable through the fixed size sprints of 2-3 weeks. At the end of each sprint we provide a UAT ready version of the product.


The process allow for fast adaptations of the requirements. Scope is fixed only for the current sprint, while requirements can evolve for each of the future sprints.